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Helpful Resources


Below are some websites members would like to share. If you have a resource you think is helpful and would like to share please use the comment form and let us know!

INSPIRE Databases

          Access the Indiana Virtual Library.

          Have a specific database you're looking for? Check the list to see if it's available.
          Access a variety of databases in the health and medicine subjects.
Journal Lists (EBSCOhost)
Journal Lists (GALE)
Additional Resources

          Find medical and health resources from the government and other                                     organizations using this LibGuide created by Elaine Skopelja.

          Find health stats quick using this LibGuide created by Elaine Skopelja



          Help your students and residents find information on mobile resources on a                   variety of medical topics and subjects with this LibGuide created by Jennifer                 Herron.


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